Weed Abatement

Links to Information within Placer County

  • Managed Grazing — read about the benefits of managed grazing, take a learning tour, and find out about related topics like: open space in Rocklin, the nutrient cycle, reducing wildfires, invasive plant eradication, and endangered/protected species. [From the City of Rocklin]
  • Invasive Plant Control — learn about preventing problems caused by non-native invasive plants at the California Invasive Plant Council website.

Current & Recent Placer County RCD Projects

SAFCA/RCD Red Sesbania Long Term Management & Maintenance Project

Following up a three-year eradication program conducted by the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agendy (SAFCA), this project will provide a ten-year Red Sesbania management and maintenance program in the Dry Creek watershed. Red Sesbania is a toxic and highly prolific riparian plant.


Red Sesbania

Red Sesbania