Stream Care

Stream Care

Placer County RCD is actively involved in erosion and sediment control. We work to prevent the delivery of sediment to streams and lakes.

Current Projects

CALFED North Fork American River Sediment Dynamics Study

A consortium of stakeholders including Placer County RCD, the Placer County Water Agency, the US Forest Service, Sierra Pacific Industries, CA State University-Sacramento, and the North American River Watershed Coordinator, with support from Sierra College, have stewarded a study, funded by CALFED through the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) which is due to be completed by mid 2007. One outcome of this effort is expected to be Best Management Practices for erosion reduction and reduced water quality degradation.

SAFCA/DOC Dry Creek Watershed Coordination Grant

Provides for continued implementation of a focused education and outreach program promoting an integrated watershed-based approach to land use planning in the Dry Creek watershed where urban growth has been focused over the past five years. Placer County RCD coordinates grant-related efforts with the American Basin Council of Watersheds (a collaboration of the Auburn Ravine/Coon Creek Watershed Group, the Pleasant Grove/ Curry Creek Watershed Group, and the Dry Creek Watershed Council).